TexPoly has been manufacturing Spring Energized Seals for Industries in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Industrial, Medical, HPLC, Aerospace and Military Market Segments.  We have serviced these industries with over 30+ years of experience in Engineering and Manufactruring.  Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

-U-Shaped cantilever spring energized seals
-V-Shaped cantilever spring energzied seals
-Helical wound spring energized seals
-Inclinded coil spring energized seals
-Elastomer energized seals
-Rotary Lip seals
-Bearings and Wear rings

TexPoly also offers custom seals:

-Metal Cased PTFE Lip seals
-Metal Cased Rubber Lip seals
-Two spring-energized non-elastomeric lip seal
-Extreme Pressure seals
-Extreme Temperature seals
-H2S (Sour Gas) seals
-High Performance Gate Valve Seals
-V-Packing Sets

We also offer a wide range of replacement seal assemblies for repairable valves and pumps in many market segments.  Please visit our Contact page.