Seal and Wear Quality Assurance

 Quality Control

TexPoly employs the use of an extensive quality inspection process to ensure that we continue to produce the highest quality spring seals and wear on the market. Each product we fabricate undergoes an “Acceptable Quality Limit” (AQL) test wherein our specialists will evaluate a sample portion of each batch to determine overall quality. For lower volume batches, we will generally inspect each individual item. We evaluate each product by clearly defined critical product dimensions for production inspection criteria and documentation.
Gauges and standard inspection equipment are utilized and periodically calibrated
per the TexPoly Quality Assurance Manual (QAM). In addition to using standard inspection
equipment, we also use a 10:1 shadow graph comparator to verify cross-sectional
geometries for First Article Inspection requirements as well as ongoing production
run product verification. The results of the statistical process control and copies of continuous
inspection data forms are available for customer review as required. For further quality assurance, we can even provide customers with a copy of the TexPoly (QAM).
We also perform an additional quality inspection process to ensure that we properly engineered each custom batch to meet our customer’s specifications. We work to ensure high-quality spring seals and wear unilaterally, regardless of variance and intended application. We also expand the quality control process, so it begins before production by carefully evaluating our raw materials.
Customer appraisal is the final, most important step in our quality inspection process. Should a customer find their seal and ware quality to be lacking, or if it fails to include crucial customizations, our team prioritizes additional production. We also offer prototyping services upon request, so we can further guarantee that we are fully accommodating to your customizations. .
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Copies of the TexPoly Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) are available upon request.
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