Helical Wound Spring Seal 200 Series

Helical Wound Spring Energized Seal Product Line SES:

The Helical Wound spring seal 200 series is fabricated to form a continuous circular helix geometry wound from rectangular metallic ribbon stock. Helical wound designs are available in cross-sections from 1/16″ to 5/8″; custom cross-sections less than 1/16″ are available for small diametrical precision applications. Principals of spring loading mechanics and pressure activation are the same as explained with the “U” & “V”-Shaped springs.
Helical Wound spring energized seals generate substantially higher load per inch deflection values as compared to the cantilever “U” & “V”-shaped springs. Due to the design nature of the seal jacket geometry these types of designs are primarily used for static and /or lower dynamic seal applications. For example, a 1/4″ “U”-Shaped spring will produce, on average, approximately 10 to 12 pounds per inch where the Helical Wound of identical cross-section would produce 24 to 32 pounds per inch.

The high loading generated by Helical Wound spring energized seals provides an ideal solution for sealing gases, mating rough sealing surfaces, and cryogenic sealing applications. Cryogenic seal service requires adequate spring load to overcome the substantial increase in material modulus which results from extreme low temperature environments. Disadvantages of the helical wound spring seal 200 series included difficulty in achieving low friction loading requirements and the inability to accommodate extreme eccentric movement.
Standard spring materials offered include 17-7 PH Stainless Steel – Condition “C”, Elgiloy™, and Inconel. (Additional materials are available as required per application)

(For specific standard or custom designs,please contact sales@texpoly.com or engineering@texpoly.com)

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