Polymer Product Manufacturing

TexPoly has a large diameter of spring seal manufacturing capabilities to micro spring seal manufacturing capabilities that range from less than .020″ (0,51 mm) to 110″ (2794,00 mm). This means we provide our customer base an extensive advantage for polymer product manufacturing from a single source-of-supply. The majority of TexPoly’s materials are available throughout this extensive diametrical scope of capabilities. For additional information regarding TexPoly materials refer to the “Materials” section of the bulletin.

TexPoly’s precision polymer product manufacturing techniques allow for repeatable extreme tight tolerance machined materials. The environmental controlled machining facility in conjunction with ongoing process controls and training provides the consistency of quality and dimensional stability required for ultimate product performance. Tooling design and material science expertise provide excellent machined surface polymer finishes for the broad range of materials that are utilized.

TexPoly’s trained personnel and operational experience affords the versatility for simultaneous prototype development and high-volume production runs. For additional information regarding TexPoly quality refer to the “Quality” section of the bulletin.


Machined Polymer Products

Large Diameter Seal Machining

Large Diameter Seal Machining 15″ up to 110″ O.D.

  • Spring Energized Seals
  • PTFE Rotary Lip Seals
  • High Pressure Seals
  • High Temperature Seals
  • Scraper Seals
  • V-Packing Sets
  • V-Rings
  • Male, Female Rings
  • Valve Seats
  • PTFE Rings
  • Wear Rings
  • Bushings/Bearings
  • Cap Seals
  • Labyrinth Seals
  • Pitch and Yaw Bearings Seals



Other Products:

  • Urethane Seals
  • Rubber Lip Seals
  • Metal Case Rotary Lip Seals


*Additional machined polymer products available upon request. Please contact engineering@texpoly.com  or sales@texpoly.com for more information.


Large Diameter Seals (2)

Large Diameter Spring Energized Seals

CNC Lathe Work Centers

    • Large Diameter Seal Machine Diameter Range: 15″ (381mm) to 110″ (2,794mm)

    • (SL-20): Machine Diameter Range: Less   than .020″ (0,51mm) to 18″ (457mm)


    • (ST-20): Machine Diameter Range: Less than .020″ (0,51mm) to 18″ (457mm)


  • (ST-10): Machine Diameter Range: Less than .020″ (0,51mm) to 6″ (152mm)

CNC Mill Work Center

  • 3 axis Machine Center
  • 4-axis Capability