Spring Seal Engineering Services

Spring Energized Seals

TexPoly’s ability to accelerate design and production of prototypes for product evaluation and approval is a critical customer service advantage for rapid product-to-market time restrictions. TexPoly’s commitment to the continuous improvement of our customized spring seal engineering service provides customer’s ideal seal design solutions. Extreme service and diameter size range ability offers our customers answers for a wide scope of application requests.


Custom Spring Energized Seal Design

Custom Spring Energized Seal Design

Custom Spring Energized Seal Design

Custom Spring Energized Seal Design

Custom Seal Engineering and Design/Material Engineering

    • High temperature (polymer materials and designs for over 600° F / 316° C)


    • Low temperature (polymer materials and designs down to absolute zero -459°F / -273°C)


    • High pressure (20,000+ PSI / 1379 BAR)


  • Velocity (FPM 2000+ / 10.2 M/s)


  • Spring Energized Seal Design Benefits:
    • high levels of ingression
    • frictional heat generation
    • chemical attack
    • system vibration
    • material contamination
    • large extrusion gap(s)
    • high shaft T.I.R. and / or eccentric misalignment
    • low pressure by-pass
    • inconsistent sealing results


Spring Seal Engineering

  • Ensures proper deflection across polymer jacket
    • Load / deflection calculations available for each design
    • Meet customer torque requirements
    • Meet customer sealing requirements
    • Custom spring design available for specific applications
    • Metallurgical analysis / specifications for demanding applications
    • Non-metallic spring design and evaluation


For further information regarding our custom spring seal engineering capabilities, get in contact with a specialist at (936) 588-4333