Applications for Spring and Wear Products

The applications for spring seals and wear products are numerous and span across multiple industries. A sampling of these applications includes the following:

Wind Turbine Energy

Incorporating rotary seals and wear products within your wind turbines is a low-maintenance operation that makes a big difference for its long-term security. When properly installed, they offer comprehensive relief against breakages and failures by minimizing friction, improving energy efficiency, protecting the interior from dust and water, and preventing leaks.


A spring energized seal’s ability to serve as a high-performance connector has made it a popular component to include within the design of electric and hybrid vehicles. The coil springs allow for multiple points of contact, which allows it to carry electricity across long distances and provide EMI shielding to prevent mechanical damage. Automotive spring seal and wear product applications are full-spectrum, including installation within shock systems, engines, audio systems, lighting systems, modular interior component systems, among others.

Military & Aerospace

New requirements within the military and aerospace include the utilization of light-weight components. This is due to the importance placed on optimizing fuel burn, increasing thrust, and expanding the payload. Spring seal and wear products are a proven solution for these industries because we engineer them to endure conditions that most other seals cannot. Many use spring energized seals to routinely secure gearbox shifts, turbines, actuators, landing gear, and engines within everything from commercial airplanes, to fight-jets, to rockets.

Medical & Life Sciences

Spring energized seals have been of particular use in medical applications because of their chemical resistance, versatility, and overall sanitation. Their ability to seal, conduct, connect, and shield is able to satisfy industry demands in making medical application safer by promoting a more reliable overall performance. Medical spring seals and wear applications commonly include catheters, oxygen equipment, hand-held surgical equipment, high-speed motors, ultrasounds, pumps, and much more.

Gas & Oil

We have engineered our spring-energized seals and wear to dramatically increase PV (pressure & velocity), maintain electrical and mechanical connection within equipment, and shield electrical components from breakage. The gas and oil industry demand that their components have a robust design for them to keep up with the daily motions, often turning to spring seals due to their long-term resilience. Those in these industries use spring seals within drilling, pumping, and rotary equipment to protect against mud, dirt, water, sand, oil, and dangerous leakages from compromises the machinery.