Quality Control

TexPoly employs the use of an extensive product quality process insuring consistency
of product quality and reliability. An “Acceptable Quality Limit” (AQL) is established
for each product fabricated for the purpose of lot size sampling inspection. For lower
volume production runs 100% inspection criteria for specified dimensions is often
employed. Critical product dimensions are defined for production inspection criteria
and documentation.
Gauges and standard inspection equipment are utilized and periodically calibrated
per the TexPoly Quality Assurance Manual (QAM). In addition to standard inspection
equipment a 10:1 shadow graph comparator is used to verify cross-sectional
geometries for First Article Inspection requirements as well as ongoing production
run product verification. Statistical process control and copies of continuous
inspection data forms are available for customer review as required.


Copies of the TexPoly Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) are available upon request.
E-mail request to: info@www.texpoly.com