Spring Energized Seals

Energized Seals

Energized Seals

Our engineered sealing product lines consist of metallic “Spring Energized Seals” (SES), “Rubber Energized Seals” (RES), “Rotary

Spring Energized Seals” (RSE) and “Custom Designed Seals” (CDS). The “Wear Products” line is designed to maximize dynamic material properties relative to extended wear, compressive strength, media compatibility and system velocity. As with our sealing products, selection of the optimal high performance material is paramount for superior wear product service.


TexPoly has large diameter seal machining capabilities to micro machining capabilities that range from less than .020″ (0,51 mm) to approximately 110″+ (2794 mm). TexPoly is committed and determined to offer an extensive range of diametrical size capacity required to effectively service our diverse market segment requirements.


Three distinctive spring energized seal lines are available for customer application requirements; “U” & “V” – Shaped Cantilever, Helical Wound and Inclined Coil spring energized seal jacket assemblies.