Rubber Energized Seals 400 Series

Rubber Energized Seal Product Line RES:

RES designs primarily consist of polymer cap seal assemblies energized with O-rings, Square-rings, Quad-rings as well as various custom shaped rubber energizer spring geometries. The compressive load mechanics are similar to the metallic helical and inclined coil spring designs generating spring load from rubber compression.
Advantages of these seal design types are simplicity in design, flexible energizers facilitating installation and economizing of available seal assembly hardware space and cost. Rubber energizers are, in the majority of cases, more economical than their metallic energized counterparts. Principal disadvantages are rubber compression set, fluid compatibility and a limited service temperature range. With the use of these design types the rubber energizer becomes the weak link within the assembly with its inherent limited media compatibility and temperature service. Typically with rubber designs what properties that are gained in compounding for low temperature service is often at the sacrifice of high temperature performance. The converse is true compounding for high temperature rubber, where higher temperature service may be obtained at the cost of low temperature performance.

Rubber Energized Seals

RES designs are most often used for reciprocating and static sealing service. It is not normally recommended for rotary or oscillatory service but can perform adequately if system pressures and angular velocities are not excessive; i.e., angular velocities less than 20 feet per minute. Utilizing various RES seal design types for reciprocating accumulator, fluid pumping, excluder and bi-directional sealing service has been extensively used throughout the hydraulic and mobile hydraulic industries.

Standard rubber materials offered include Nitrile, Fluorocarbon (Viton), Fluorosilicone, Silicone, HNBR, EPDM, Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (Aflas) and Perfluoroelastomer (Kalrez)
(Additional materials are available as required per application)

(For specific standard or custom designs, please contact sales@texpoly.comor


O-Ring Energized Rod Seal


O-Ring Energized Piston Seal


O-Ring Energized Piston Seal


O-Ring Energized TPE’s/Urethane Seals