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Rotary Spring Energized Seal Product Line RSE:

Rotary Spring Energized seal products (RSE) are specifically designed for rotational and oscillatory actuator motion. Seal assembly designs offered include polymer housing / polymer sealing element, and high performance polymer cartridge / sealing element configurations. This type of rotary motion seal designs requires distinctive designs, materials and Seal geometry cross-sections. PTFE based seal designs are often utilized to replace their rubber lip seal counterpart for rotary service applications where improved performance regarding high rotary velocities, fluid compatibility, lower dynamic friction and higher PV values are encountered. (RSE seal designs withstanding non-lubricated 30K+ PV conditions are obtainable.) As with the RES designs internal rubber elements often become the inherent weak-link within rotary assembly and are avoided when possible with our RSE seal assemblies. Temperatures generated from both ambient and dynamic friction can dramatically affect the overall seal performance of rubber lip seal products. PTFE based and high performance polymer designed RSE seals can provide efficient alternatives to both rubber lip and, the very expensive, mechanical seal assemblies.



Rotary Lip Seals

RSE seal designs are available in various assembly configurations adaptable to multiple hardware and service conditions. Application conditions of angular velocities, combined effects of pressure-velocity; PV, eccentric dynamics and overall seal hardware envelope dimensions typically dictate the use for the appropriate seal design selection. RSE seal designs are unidirectional in nature; primary sealing elements facing system fluid and / or pressure, while excluder elements face atmosphere or contaminate environment. This design orientation makes seal installation a critical operation during assembly within
the mating hardware. The majority of applications for RSE designs require an open-ended seal assembly, two-piece groove or snap-ring type of hardware installation.


TexPoly offers a wide array of polymer RSE seal materials and designs to accommodate a broad range of rotary seal application conditions.


Standard RSE seal case materials offered includes High Performance Polymers as PEEK™, PPS, POM, etc. (Additional materials are available as required per application)

(For specific standard or custom designs, please contact sales@texpoly.comor


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