Cantilever Spring Seals 100 Series

Cantilever Spring Energized Seal Product Line SES “U” & “V” – Shaped :

“U” or “V”-shaped metallic springs provide mechanical compressive force to the seal jacket component. This class of spring energized seals utilize spring load generated from cantilever compression to provide energy to initiate sealing; these seal design types are system pressure activated applying system differential pressure to assist and eventually predominate as the primary sealing force. Initial spring force is critical for optimizing seal performance at lower system pressures and applications where the differential pressure does not exceed 100 or 200 psi.

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The combine effects of seal jacket material wear, inherent material stress relaxation from thermal and pressure effects, application eccentricity, fabrication machining, mating hardware tolerance stack-up, and mating surface imperfections requires the essential use for spring loaded seal jacket assemblies.

The “U” & “V”-Shaped cantilever springs generates load-per-inch of spring deflection values ranging approximately from 3 to 35+ pounds per linear inch of energized seal contact surface. Spring rate values vary according to their cross-section, material thickness and geometry allowing or design versatility relative to spring-load deflection. Available spring cross-sections range from 1/16″ through 5/8″. (Custom spring cross sections are available.)

SES02“U” & “V”-Shaped cantilever seal designs provide outstanding service for reciprocating, oscillating and angular motions. Extremely low dynamic friction can be provided from the proper selection of spring design combined with the appropriate seal jacket configuration. “U” & “V”-Shaped spring designs project spring-load onto critical points-of-contact within the seal jacket contact surfaces optimizing seal performance.

Etched and Formed “U”-Shaped spring designs are available and are primarily utilized in the design and fabrication of small diametrical seal cross-section requirements. Precision scientific applications for HPLC (High-Pressure-Liquid-Chromatography), medical and pharmaceutical applications are markets where the etched “U”-Shaped springs are extensively used.



Standard spring materials offered include 316, 304, 301 Stainless Steels, Elgiloy™ and Inconel. (Additional materials are available as required per application)

(For specific standard or custom designs, please contact sales@texpoly.comor

100 C SES

“U” Shaped Cantilever Spring Energized Seal

105 C SES

“V” Shaped Cantilever Spring Energized Seal


Outside Face Cantilever Spring Energized Seal


Inside Face Cantilever Spring Energized Seal


OD Flanged Cantilever Spring Energized Seal